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SSES • Site-Supervisor Evaluation System • Online evaluation forms for student internships

SSES • Summary

The Endicott Research Center has worked closely with the Director of Internship at Endicott College to build a comprehensive, online evaluation system, the Site-Supervisor Evaluation System (SSES). The SSES makes it easy for internship site supervisors to evaluate their interns and share that evaluation with all stakeholders (the student, the internship coordinator, the student's advisor, etc.).

SSES • Product Description

The SSES was designed and developed to fill a need for Endicott College. The College has a robust experiential learning component built into the curriculum, including internship opportunities. Students are required to complete a minimum of three experiential learning opportunities during his or her time as an undergraduate. Every internship must be evaluated by the on-site supervisor. The evaluation results are factored into the student's Endicott grade for the internship.

When a student nears the end of his or her internship, the SSES sends the supervisor an email with a unique link. The link automatically log's the supervisor into his or her student's online evaluation form.

The evaluation form consists of several quantitative and qualitative questions tailored to Endicott College's internship requirements. The Endicott Research Center will work with you to tailor the evaluation contents to your program's particular needs.

Once an evaluation has been completed and submitted, the SSES:

  • automatically compiles the results of the evaluation form
  • calculates an overall score based on the quantitative results
  • emails the full results and the calculated score to the student's:
    • coordinator
    • advisor
    • instructor
  • Emails copies of the completed evaluation to the student and the supervisor

Using the Endicott SSES as a prototype, we will work with you to design, develop, and administer an online evaluation system tailored to your school.

SSES • Pricing and Request More Information

The price of a Site Supervisor Evaluation System will vary based on your school's size and needs. Cost will consist of:

  • initial start-up to develop the evaluation tool and the associated reporting pieces
  • annual fee for the ongoing administration of the evaluation

If you are interested in this product, we will discuss your school's needs and develop a quote for the full service.

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