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Survey / Evaluation Customization

Custom Products

The Endicott Research Center will work with you to help you develop a survey or evaluation customized to your specifications. If you have an instrument that you have already started to develop, we will help you. If you don't know exactly what you want, we will provide suggestions.

We will help you develop the questions and/or statements that appear on the survey. We will meet with you (in person or via teleconference) to help edit and refine your content.

Deployment Options

Surveys/Evaluations can be deployed online and/or on paper, however we always suggest online. It's more secure than paper, and it's more accurate than paper. In some cases, online simply isn't possible for the community you plan to survey. In those cases, we do have the option to use paper surveys. We will design, develop, and print the surveys.

Surveys deployed online can be administered via a generic link we provide you, which you can share via your website, social media, email, etc. We can also administer your survey via email. You provide us with the addresses of everyone you want to survey, and we will send automated emails to each invitee with a unique login for everyone.


The ERC will collect your data and provide you with a comprehensive report. You have the option to request how the data is presented. We can provide simple tables, full descriptive statistics, or your raw data in an excel spreadsheet or an SPSS data file.


Custom survey pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. For a simple survey consisting of up-to 20 questions and no routing, the cost would start at approximately $1200 USD for the entire survey process (design, development, deployment, and results). Additional questions, routing, and reporting options would be determined based on the requested specifications.

We will provide you with a complete work order including costs before we start on any project.

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