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Course Evaluations


Course evaluations are a critical component of any college's course development. Student feedback is the best way to identify weaknesses in a course and to provide ideas to improve those areas. Students must feel comfortable that their identity is safe when responding to course evaluations. Without that assurance of anonymity, students are unable to answer freely and honestly. One of the best ways to assure students that their responses are completely confidential is to hire a non-partisan third party to administer and compile the results of your course evaluations.

The Endicott Research Center will work with you to design, develop, and administer course evaluations for your entire school. We can run course evaluations for every semester (e.g. Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter inter-session, etc.) or year-round, depending on your needs.

We will provide you with the results of your course evaluations two to three weeks after the end of the semester to provide you with ample time to review the results and implement any changes for the next semester.

Course evaluation prices vary based on your school's needs. Costs will include an initial set-up fee, an annual administration fee, plus all reports in PDF format.

    Reports include:
  • individual reports for every faculty member, containing the results of each course they teach
  • Aggregate reports by major, or school department, etc.
  • School-wide aggregate reports


Base Price: $5000*

*Pricing is subject to change depending on school size and/or course eval customization

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