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New England Independent and Catholic School Self-Study Surveys • Surveys Aligned to Accreditation Standards for Self-Study


The Endicott Research Center has developed self-study surveys designed to assist New England Independent and Catholic schools that are candidates for accreditation, or are renewing accreditation.

Surveys are administered to students, parents, faculty & professional staff.

Results are collated by respondent group (student, faculty/staff, parents) to provide a full picture of how schools are doing in all areas (e.g. - teaching & learning, governance & leadership, faculty & support staff, school culture, operational systems, etc.).

Results are sent in PDF format two to four weeks after the surveys are closed. A printed, bound copy will be mailed.

Additional reporting products are available (e.g. Descriptive Statistics, raw data, etc.) at an additional cost.


Self-study survey prices:

Surveys may be administered online with a unique access code, or by email invitation:

  1. $1500 - Surveys administered by the school via unique access code
  2. $2000 - Surveys administered by the Endicott Research Center via email invitation

Price includes:

  • Online access to the surveys
  • Live online access to view the number of respondents who have completed the survey
  • Final analysis report PDF, which includes:
    • Demographic tables
    • Comprehensive tables collated by standard and by response group, which include:
      • Mean values
      • Total in Agreement
      • Full Frequency Distribution
      • All results organized by standard

Additional Products:

  • Descriptive Statistics: $600
    • Measures of central tendency including Median, Mean, Range, Mode, Count, Minimum, Maximum, and Quartiles
    • Includes Demographic data + Total in Agreement Tables + Frequency Distribution + Descriptive Statistics (all results organized by standard)
  • Raw Data: $750
    • The raw output in an excel spreadsheet
    • Includes column headers of the original question text plus a KEY to explain the data values
  • Multi - Campus Report: $1000
    • If your school consists of more than one campus or location, this report will display the results from each campus side-by-side for campus-to-campus comparison.
    • Includes Demographic data + Total in Agreement Tables broken out by campus
  • Longitudinal Report: $1000
    • If your school is participating in this survey more than once, this report will display the results from each year side-by-side for year-to-year comparison.
    • Includes Demographic data + Total in Agreement Tables broken out by year
  • Printed, Bound Reports:
    • $100 per copy + service and handling

More Information + Order Surveys for your school community

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