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International Baccalaureate®

Self-Study Survey Frequently Asked Questions

The surveys are currently available in French for all groups except students. We are happy to add any language necessary. If you need additional languages for any response group(s), please let us know.

Text versions of the surveys are available for review purposes only. Please note that the text versions are not suitable for distribution or data collection. Click here to access the text versions.

Each school´s data on its own is confidential. We are not at liberty to share the results of particular schools. However, an annual aggregate report will be available for an additional fee. Please keep in mind that this is merely an aggregate of school data over a single academic year, which does not act as a benchmark. We also encourage schools to compare their results against their own Mission Statement, stated standards, and objectives, or to their own results from previous surveys.

If you select one of the administration options that included email invitations, we will need lists of all your school community email addresses in order to invite everyone to take the survey. When you choose to have the Endicott Research Center administer surveys via email, we take the privacy of those emails very seriously. Please click here to see our email privacy statement.

When using registration option A (one survey access code for each respondent group), there is no way to prevent this. Although to date, after surveying over 700 schools (over 200,000 students, over 48,000 faculty members, and over 100,000 parents) this has not been an issue as far as we know. Our suggestion is that students be monitored and not given the survey code. A teacher could read the code, which is typically 8 digits. If a mischievous student wanted to remember the code and take the survey multiple times they could; just as a mischievous student (or parent with an agenda) could collect more than one paper survey and slip them into a pile.

There are a few things to keep in mind. When the process is finished we will know exactly how many respondents in each group have taken the survey. If you have 1000 students and 1200 have taken the survey we will know there has been a problem. Also, a student (or parent) would have to take the survey many many times to have a statistically significant impact on the results.

When using registration option B (surveys administered by ERC via email), there is no way for an individual to take a survey more than once. You provide ERC with a list of email addresses for the entire population of each respondent group (students, faculty & staff, parents, board, alumni). ERC sends automated emails to all invitees with a unique login link for every person. ERC keeps track of who has completed the survey so that they cannot take it again, as well as who has not completed the survey and sends reminders to those invitees, or has done a portion of the survey without completing it and sends reminders to those invitees.

We provide you with access to an online portal which shows you how many respondents you have received from each group so you can track when your school is done. This administration option provides total security by tracking exactly who has and hasn't participated in the survey. This administration option is more expensive than the access code admin version, so we provide both options to allow schools to select what is best for them.

To register your school for a Self Study survey, simply send an email to mroberts@endicott.edu). We will email you a link to our secure online registration form. Once completed, you will receive instructions on how to administer the survey at your school.

It takes about 15 minutes to take each survey.

The Endicott Research Center recommends a two-week window from the beginning to the end for the survey taking process. Once all respondent groups have completed the surveys and you have notified us, access will then be closed. The window can always be extended when necessary.

You should set a window for taking the survey if it is not happening completely under your control. (for example: parents taking the survey at home.) In your cover letter, indicate a deadline for finishing the survey (a two week window seems to work for most schools). We will provide you with online access to see how many have taken the survey in real time. If the results are satisfactory (at least 25% for parents), then we can process the results. If not, you can get the word out to parents that you are extending the deadline for another week to generate more participation. We recommend only doing that once. Alternatively, you can simply set a deadline and adhere to it.

The raw data file is available by request for an additional fee. Please contact mroberts@endicott.edu) to request your data file. The file will be emailed, depending on the size of the file (more respondents means a larger file and the email server has a limit on the size of file it will allow). If the file is too large to email, it will be hosted online at a secure site where you can then download it.

One parent of every child of appropriate grade/year group should be offered the opportunity to participate in the survey.

All students of the appropriate grade/year groups (e.g. for IBDP, grades/year groups 11 & 12) are expected to take the survey.

For the IBDP (International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme) self-study surveys, all students in grade/year groups 11 and 12 only.

Your school will receive an invoice from the Endicott Research Center the month following submission of your completed survey order to The Endicott Research Center. (for example if you submit a registration form on October 1st, you will be invoiced in the month of November).

Besides students, the survey should be completed by the entire professional staff, as many parents as possible (at least 25% is considered satisfactory), all the board members, and as many alumni/ae as possible.